About us

Southern Cross Diagnostics is an locally-owned Australian distributor specialising in the sales and support of human diagnostics and life science products to the Australian clinical and scientific community.

Our philosophy

The credo of SCD has always been simple: Customer First.  

By applying this philosophy, our entire team is empowered to engage with our customers, to understand their needs and deliver products and services that exceed their expectations.

Through trusted partners and suppliers around the world, we are able to rapidly respond to the changing landscape and demands of the medical science community.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

Southern Cross Diagnostics is dedicated to protecting the environment. We believe that our actions today will impact on the long-term future of the planet.

By promoting sound sustainable and environmental practice in our operation, we aim to reduce our waste, and dependence on finite resources.

Energy Initiatives

  • Solar panels, this system provides more than enough energy to power our cold-storage. Which accounts for 50% of our energy consumption
  • All rechargeable batteries (AA & AAA) for electronic devices

Waste Initiatives

  • Supply chain for foam boxes: recyclable, flat pack from supplier to reduce carbon emission during transport
  • E-waste program, all electronics recycled appropriately (not to landfill)
  • Roadmap to implement compostable “foam” boxes: made with corn

Social Responsibility

Proud supporter of Medecins Sans Frontiers

As part of the medical community, we believe that basic healthcare should be accessible to everyone. By supporting Doctors Without Borders, we hope to bring this basic human need to those less fortunate.

Our Suppliers

At Southern Cross Diagnostics, we respect and value our relationship with our partners from around the world. We are committed to represent their values, brands and products in the Australian medical laboratory space.