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Southern Cross Diagnostics is proud to announce their partnership with OLM Diagnostics to bring innovative diagnostic solutions for fungal diagnostics.
With a mission to develop the future of fungal diagnostics, OLM's current range covers Aspergillus, Candida and Pneumocystis detection.


Southern Cross Diagnostics is proud to announce their partnership with INVITEK DIAGNOSTICS.

Streamline your processes and work efficiently from sample collection and extraction to detection. Discover an extensive array of options with our diverse selection of nucleic acids extraction kits. Including food testing, human and veterinary diagnostics, genetic testing, microbiome analysis, oncology and life sciences.

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Meet Curian

A rapid fluorescent immunoassay diagnostic solution with a standardised, simplified workflow that eliminates subjectivity.

Sample to result in 3 easy steps with less than 1-minute hands-on time

  • Flexible testing options allow the platform to fit any laboratory workload
  • Analyse Now – available for batch testing
  • Incubate & Analyze – load and walk away
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Southern Cross Diagnostics

Southern Cross Diagnostics

Southern Cross Diagnostics distributes innovative health science and diagnostic solutions to Australian medical laboratories.
Through our extensive global network of experienced suppliers and in close consultation with our customers, we ensure our customers' needs are met no matter how specialised.

Cystic Fibrosis Screening

Cystic Fibrosis Screening?

Cystic fibrosis is the most common life threatening genetic condition in Australia. This condition has been proposed as part of preconception screening under the MBS Australia.

Yourgene's range of Cystic Fibrosis products offers a comprehensive yet flexible solution to detect the most common genetic variants with minimal hands on time.

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Vector Borne Virus

Unlock accurate diagnostics with our selection of IFA reagents and controls tailored for Dengue and West Nile virus testing.

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Southern Cross Diagnostics provides quality solutions to the medical diagnostics and health science community.



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At Southern Cross Diagnostics, we respect and value our relationship with our partners from around the world. We are committed to represent their values, brands and products in the Australian medical laboratory space.