It’s going to be an epidemic flu season in Australia according to The Australian Medical Association (AMA). The Australian flu flu trend follows very closely to that of the Northern Hemisphere, which peaks in January and February. And health authorities in the US are already seeing a peak of 6.1% people presenting with influenza like…

See you at the MMM

Southern Cross Diagnostics is please to announce its continuing support through its MMM sponsorship. To be held in March, the Molecular Microbiology Meeting (MMM) provides research scientists, laboratory staff and clinicians to share the latest issues and developments in the field of molecular microbiology. For more information and registration – head to the MMM website….

Bordetella now IVD

In partnership with Focus Diagnostics – one of the biggest reference labs in USA – Southern Cross Diagnostics is please to announce that the Simplexa Bordetella pertussis and parapertussis molecular diagnostic kit is now registered as an IVD. Pertussis is one of the most frequent and potentially fatal childhood respiratory illnesses in Australia. As an…