• Arboviruses such as Dengue fever viruses, LaCrosse virus, St. Louis Encephalitis virus and West Nile virus
  • Herpesviruses including EBV, HHV-6A, HHV-6B, HHV-7, HHV-8, HSV-1, HSV-2 and VZV
  • Intercellular bacteria such as Chlamydophila pneumoniae, Chlamydia trachomatis, Ehrlichiae, Orientia tsutsugamushi, Rickettsiae
  • Respiratory viruses such as influenza A & B, RSV, Coxachie; and other viruses such as Measles and Mumps
  • Other pathogens such as Legionella, Bartonella, Candida albicans and Toxoplasma gondii

Biocell Diagnostics

BIOCELL Diagnostics Inc.’s mission is to provide high-quality and customized IFA diagnostic products for research use. The company is committed to offering the best support for our customers’ needs.

BIOCELL Diagnostics Products

I-ANA12ANA/HEp-2 IFA slide, 12 well10/PK120
I-CPN12Chlamydophila pneumoniae IFA slide, 12 well10/PK120
I-CPT12C. pneumoniae / C. trachomatis combo IFA slide, 12 well10/PK240
I-CTR12Chlamydia trachomatis IFA slide, 12 well10/PK120
I-EEA12EBV early antigen (EA) IFA slide, 12 well10/PK120
I-EBG12EBV VCA IgG IFA slide, 12 well10/PK120
I-EBM12EBV VCA IgM IFA slide, 12 well10/PK120
I-ECA12Ehrlichia canis IFA slide, 12 well10/PK120
I-ECH12Ehrlichia chaffeensis IFA slide, 12 well10/PK120
I-H6A12HHV-6A IFA slide, 12 well10/PK120
I-H6B12HHV-6B IFA slide, 12 well10/PK120
I-H7V12HHV-7 IFA slide, 12 well10/PK120
I-H8A12HHV-8 latent IFA slide, 12 well10/PK120
I-H8Y12HHV-8 lytic IFA slide, 12 well10/PK120
I-H1V12Herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV-1) IFA slide, 12 well10/PK120
I-H2V12Herpes simplex virus 2 (HSV-2) IFA slide, 12 well10/PK120
I-LGL21Legionella longbeachae IFA slide, 21 well10/PK210
I-LGP21Legionella pneumophila IFA slide, 21 well10/PK210
I-LPS12Legionella pneumophila serotype 1-8 IFA slide, 12 well 10/PK240
I-LYM12Borrelia burgdorferi (Lyme) IFA slide, 12 well10/PK120
I-MEA12Measles virus IFA slide, 12 well10/PK120
I-MUM12Mumps virus IFA slide, 12 well10/PK120
I-OTS12Orientia tsutsugamushi (Scrub typhus) IFA slide, 12 well10/PK120
I-RSV12Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) IFA slide, 12 well10/PK120
I-SFG12Spotted fever group rickettsia IFA slide, 12 well10/PK120
I-TOX12Toxoplasma gondii (Toxo) IFA slide, 12 well10/PK120
I-TGR12Typhus group rickettsia IFA slide, 12 well10/PK120
I-VZV12Varicella Zoster virus (VZV) IFA slide, 12 well10/PK120
I-WNV12West Nile virus IFA slide, 12 well10/PK120
I-WSL12West Nile virus / SLE virus IFA slide, 12 well10/PK240

P-ANAGANA homogenous positive control0.5 mL25
P-CPNG Chlamydophila pneumoniae IgG positive control0.5 mL25
P-CTRG Chlamydia trachomatis IgG positive control0.5 mL25
P-CTRM Chlamydia trachomatis IgM positive control0.5 mL25
P-EBVG EBV VCA IgG positive control0.5 mL25
P-EBVM EBV VCA IgM positive control0.5 mL25
P-EBEA EBV early antigen (EA) positive control0.5 mL25
P-HV6G HHV-6 IgG positive control0.5 mL25
P-HV6M HHV-6 IgM positive control 0.5 mL25
P-HV7G HHV-7 IgG positive control0.5 mL25
P-HV8A HHV-8 latent IgG positive control0.5 mL25
P-HV8Y HHV-8 lytic IgG positive control0.5 mL25
P-HSVG HSV IgG positive control0.5 mL25
P-HSVM HSV IgM positive control0.5 mL25
P-MEAG Measles IgG positive control0.5 mL25
P-MEAM Measles IgM positive control0.5 mL25
P-MUMG Mumps IgG positive control0.5 mL25
P-MUMM Mumps IgM positive control0.5 mL25
P-RSVG RSV IgG positive control0.5 mL25
P-RSVM RSV IgM positive control0.5 mL25
P-TOXG Toxo IgG positive control0.5 mL25
P-TOXM Toxo IgM positive control0.5 mL25
P-VZVG VZV IgG positive control0.5 mL25
P-VZVM VZV IgM positive control0.5 mL25
N-UNIR Universal negative control0.5 mL25
P-ECHG Ehrlichia chaffeensis IgG positive control serum0.25 mL125
P-ECHM Ehrlichia chaffeensis IgM positive control serum0.25 mL125
P-OTSU Scrub typhus positive control serum0.25 mL125
P-SFGG Spotted fever group rickettsia IgG positive control serum0.25 mL125
P-SFGM Spotted fever group rickettsia IgM positive control serum0.25 mL125
P-TGRG Typhus group rickettsia IgG positive control serum0.25 mL125
P-TGRM Typhus group rickettsia IgM positive control serum 0.25 mL125
P-WNVGWest Nile virus IgG positive control serum0.25 mL125
P-WNVMWest Nile virus IgM positive control serum0.25 mL125
N-UNIVUniversal negative control serum0.25 mL125

F-COG1FITC IgG conjugate type 1 - ANA1.5 mL75
F-COG2FITC IgG conjugate type 2 - EBV, Toxo 1.5 mL75
F-COG3FITC IgG conjugate type 3 - HHV-6, 71.5 mL75
F-COG4FITC IgG conjugate type 4 - Rhodamine 1.5 mL75
F-COG5FITC IgG conjugate type 5 - Eriochrome Black5.0 mL250
F-COM1FITC IgM conjugate type 11.5 mL75
F-COM2FITC IgM conjugate type 2 - Eriochrome Black5.0 mL250
F-COM3FITC IgM conjugate type 3 - HHV-61.5 mL75
F-COA1FITC IgA conjugate type 11.5 mL75
F-COA2FITC IgA conjugate type 2 - Eriochrome Black5.0 mL250
F-COT1FITC IgG+M+A conjugate - Eriochrome Black5.0 mL250

M-GLY1Mounting solution 2.0 mL200
M-PBS1PBS pack 1 literN/A
M-PROSProsorb G2.0 mL50
M-BLT112 well Blotters10/PKN/A
M-BLT221 well Blotters10/PKN/A
M-BLT312 well Blotters, 2 spots10/PKN/A